shell shaker grader 3 sieves

Technical data


2775x1435x1200 mm


350 kg


MVSI Motor

Power Supply

220/240 V


3 sieVes / 4 outPuts


4 self-locking Wheels

the oysters shell shaker graDer (ref 0434) enables the sorting of shells thanks to 3 Different aDaPteD mesh screens.
a Version With sPeeD Variator is also aVailable (ref 04340).

3 Washing ramPs ensure an oPtimum cleaning of oys- ters During their screening.

the shell shaker grader is provided with a set of stainless or galvanized steel sieves. Various sizes of sieve meshes are also available as an option to best fit With your production.


galVanizeD sieVes are aVailable from 5 to 60 mm, at 5mm interVals.

stainless steel sieVes can be ProViDeD from 3 to 20mm. other Dimensions anD siDe rubber striPs are also aVailable on DemanD.


the 3 sieVe shell shaker graDer requires little mainte- nance.

thanks to its reliability which ensures a secure and longlasting use is the shell shaker grader Perfectly adapted to export markets.

the device is fitted with a protected waterproof electric box with speed variator.


The optional set of 4 self-locking wheels al- lows the move of the device to where needed

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