Technical data






75/600 kW

Power Supply

220/240 V

Tank volume

1675 L

Heating body volume

340 L

Pouches per hour

+/- 300

Warm-up time

< 30 min

Stainless steel

316 L


cooling ramp

he large size boiling tank (Ref 04332) is designed to both the treatment of oysters against certain parasites which attach to the shell and their cleaning before commercialization. .

through very hot sea water at temperature between 75 and 90 celsius degrees during a very short time rancing from 2 to 4 seconds.

kanks ti its 600 kw heater will the scalder adjust the power necessary to maintain or quickly increase its temperature.

The boiling water tank is commissioned by a technician from the manufacturer ets bertrand.


Automation and uniformity of traitment time are allowed thanks to a sprocket grating device.

The scalder is fitted with a water filling system allowing the readjustement of the water level.

An intagrated washing device facilitates the cleaning of the bottom of the tank.


The waterproof electric box with integrated speed variator, protection and time delay allows an automatic functionning of the sprocket grating device.

A discharge chute is integrated for oyster pouches to slip to a designated cooling place.

The cooling device, located under the discharge chute, ensures the decrease in temperature of oysters.

This large size boiling water tank requires less labour due to its conception of automation of the treatment time

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